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Al-Quds. The Holy Land of Palestine. The city of the lives of Muslims. The first cable town. The love of Jews and Christians is also rooted in this city of Jerusalem. The holy city of the three religions is Al-Quds, Jerusalem. Prophet David, Prophet Solomon – father and son. The city was ruled by two prophets. How many memories of the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) are involved with this city! Many more prophetic memories!

The Meraj of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) started from this land. The footsteps of Meraj Rajini’s vehicle Barrack are mixed in the sand of this city.

Aqsa Mosque; image: Getty image
Christian 637 years. Jerusalem was then ruled by the Byzantine Empire. Saffronius, a representative of the Byzantine government, is the ruler of this city. Saffronius is also the pastor of the Christians.

The inhabitants of Jerusalem, outside of Christianity, were persecuted, and even the Christians were persecuted by the state. The caliph of the Islamic caliphate then Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA). The second caliph of Islam. Amirul Muminin. At the behest of Umar, the Muslim generals are flying the victory flag of Islam towards the earth. One city after another is falling under the caliphate.

Khalid Ibn Walid. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) gave the title Saifullah or ‘the sword of Allaah’. The invincible hero of Islam. The brave commander of the Muslims. Amr Ibn As with him. Another Singh Shardul Sahabi. With the Companions. The victory flag of Islam was flown by the Byzantines in different cities and they all came and blocked Jerusalem. Al-Quds.

St. Sophronius; image: wikipedia

Sapphronius, the ruler of Jerusalem, did not have the courage to fight this invincible force. He has the news of how the Muslims conquered many other cities of the Byzantine Empire. This power cannot be suppressed by makabila. Saffronius sent a treaty proposal. He will surrender. But there are conditions. What conditions?

The Muslim caliph must come to Jerusalem. He will surrender to her. Not to anyone else. But the caliph is not here. He is far away in Medina. The root of the caliphate
Address. No, he has to come. Surrender will be to him. The messenger was sent to Medina. Khalid ibn Walid and Amr ibn As asked through the messenger whether Amir al-mu’minin would come or other measures would be taken. Amirul Muminin will come. He’s out. Riding a camel. With one servant. The costume is very simple for a traveler. There is no way for anyone to see, this simple traveler’s fingertips are run halfway!

Map of Jerusalem; image: britannica

He came to Jerusalem. He was shocked to see Saffronius. What kind of king is this? There is no beauty in the corner. There is no pomp of abundance. According to Fakir. Ardhjahan, however, is run by the order of this lake. Saffronius welcomed Caliph Umar to the Holy Land of Al-Quds. Umar entered the city of Jerusalem with the Muslim army. Saffronius surrendered to Amirul Muminin. He handed over the treaty to him. Amirul Muminin was shown around the whole city. Showed the main church of the Christians in Jerusalem.
When Umar was visiting the church, it was time for prayers.

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Saffronius invited Amirul Muminin to pray inside the church. The visionary Amirul Muminin thanked Saffronius for his generosity and said, “If I pray here today, I will make excuses for my prayers in the future.”
This church has the potential to become a mosque. It amounts to a violation of the rights of people of different races. Islam violates this right. Does not support. I will perform the prayers outside. Umar went out of the church and prayed.

Saffronius was overwhelmed by the Muslim caliph’s far-sighted thinking and awareness of the rights of people of different religions. Ardhjahan was able to subdue the Muslims because they were so aware of human rights. Where is the main driving force of their conquest, Saffronius was able to guess that day.

The place where Caliph Umar left the church that day to pray was soon converted into a mosque. The name of the mosque is Masjid Umar Radiyallahu Anhu. It still stands with its head high in the chest of Al-Quds. The Muslims became silent witnesses to the foresight of the second caliph. Palestine was the first to fall into the hands of the Muslims through the surrender of Saffronius to Umar that day. Since then, the flag of Islam has been flying in the skies of Palestine. Helali Nishan.

Masjidul Aqsa Complex; image: britannica

Aqsa Mosque. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was the first to come here from Mecca on the night of Meraj. Here he prayed two rak’ats with the previous prophets and left for the sky. The footprints of our beloved prophet are mixed with the footsteps of innumerable prophets and messengers in the courtyard of Aksar. Mixed are the sacred memories of Meraj Rajini. The boundary of Aqsa Mosque is 14 lakh 40 thousand square meters. The entire inner part of the boundary is Haram Sharif. Holy Land.

The Aqsa Mosque complex Surrounded by walls. There are many installations inside. There are two separate domed mosques. The dome of one is Senali in the black of the other. When we see the Senali Dome Mosque in the picture, we think that it is the Aqsa Mosque. Some people think that the one with the dome in black is the Aqsa Mosque.

In fact, the two axes are separate parts. The name of the Senali dome is Kubbatus Sakhra or Dome of the Rock. And the one with the black dome is Al-Jamiul Qibali. However, Al-Jamiul Qibali has different characteristics. Build it
Made by Hazrat Umar Farooq Radiyallahu Anhu. It is considered as the main mosque of Aqsa Complex.

636 AD Muslims have conquered Palestine. Amir al-mu’minin ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) came to Jerusalem. He is looking around at the holy city. The city of the memory of the prophets and messengers is catching the eye. He came to Aqsa Mosque and stopped. Huge courtyard. Ah,
It is in this courtyard that the footprints of the prophets and messengers are mixed. Mixed are the memories of Prophet Muhammad’s Meraj Rajini. This is Hayetul Barak! It was on this wall that Nabiji tied the barracks of his Meraj Rajini ride.

Where is the Sakhara stone? The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) prayed for 18 months with the Companions facing that stone. The stone was found under a pile of rubbish. Christians have littered here for so long. Becoming violent towards the Jews
They did it. The two-eyed enemy of the Palestinian Christians was the Jews. These quarrelsome Jews have never been better. No one could see them.

image: Wikimedia

Maro also ate history In each chapter. ‘Sakhara’ means stone. The stone was a thing of Jewish honor. Qibla is basically determined from its main point. The Jews now call it Qibla. Meanwhile, all their worship was held back. That is why the Christians covered it with rubbish. Purpose: To insult the Jews.

Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) ordered to remove the rubbish from the Sakhra stone. He himself got involved in cleaning the sacred stone. The caliph thought of building a mosque inside the Aksa complex. He asked his friends for advice on where and how to do it. Kabe Ahbar was one of the companions. He is a neo-Muslim. He was a great Jewish scholar before his conversion to Islam. Ahbar suggested that the mosque be on the north side of Sakhra Pathar. To build. Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) smiled at his advice. Said, ‘Ahbar, the smell of Judaism remains in Taema. You are now weak towards the customs of the previous religion.
South of Kaaba Sharif from Jerusalem. The qibla there is also south.

According to Ahbar, if there is a mosque on the north side of Sakhra. If it is built, then Sakhra also becomes Qibla during prayers. With this advice, Kab wanted the qibla of his previous religion to be correct, at least in the case of this mosque. But the prudent Umar Kaber caught the trick. Cub be ashamed. Being a neo-Muslim, he had some fondness for the religion of the past. When he heard Umar’s words, he washed away his love. Umar instructed to build a mosque in front of Sakhra, on the south side. Then the sakhrata will no longer fall in front of the worshipers during the prayers. Will be left behind.

The mosque was quickly built under the direction of Umar. He inaugurated it. This is the Al-Jamiul Qibali Mosque with its dome today. The prayers of Masjidul Aksar have been held here ever since. The Qubbatus Sakhra Mosque was built much later. Its location is where the original Sakhara stone is. For a long time there was no installation here. The mosque was built around Sakhra during the reign of the fifth Umayyad Caliph Abdul Malek Ibn Marwan.

The Muslims are then snatching the victory of the divisive Islam; image: getty image

This place in the Al-Aqsa Complex is very revered by the Jews. Because, their Qibla Sakhra stone is inside this mosque. It is also an important place for Muslims. Because, according to the historians, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) ascended from here to Meraj at night. Jerusalem was under Muslim rule until the Crusades.

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This is a Bengali article. This is the first episode of ‘The History of Zionist Israel’.

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