If the father is wrong and the son is right, will the father’s curse against the child be accepted?


If the child is on the right and the father is on the wrong (for the child) the curse of the parents is not accepted. Because God will not accept his prayer. Because the disobedience of the child to the parents is not realizing their rights or failing to realize their rights. On the other hand, it is not necessary for the child to obey the instructions of the father or the prohibitions of the father so that there is no welfare. Similarly, if a father says to his son: Divorce your wife without any reason. Then it is not inevitable for the child to respond to such instructions of the parents. Therefore, to refuse to observe such a thing would not be considered disobedience. Even if they curse him, the boy will not be guilty; InshaAllah there is no problem in this. GOD is Omniscient.

Fatwas of Sheikh Abdullah bin Humaid (R); Page-30

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