Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction:

1.1. This Privacy Policy is written so that we can express our firm commitment to protecting the privacy of our visitors. Below are the methods of collecting and using information through website.

1.2. The website collects visitors’ information in two ways:

A. Some information is automatically collected by the hosting web server.

B. Some personal information is provided to us by visitors by voluntarily filling out forms such as “Open an Account”, “Subscribe to Newsletter”, “Contact Us” etc. in different parts of the website.

  1. Automatically collected information:

2.1. The hosting web server automatically records some visitor information. This information includes the date and time of the visit, your IP number, the name of the Internet browser, the operating system and the URL of the web page from which you came to our website.

2.2. This information helps us to improve the content of the website as per the demand of the visitors and to protect the website from hacking.

  1. Information provided by visitors:

3.1. We are able to assist our visitors with the information that is provided to us by voluntarily filling out various forms on the website. We can provide them with useful information. I can keep in touch with them. The information provided at the same time also helps us to improve the content of the website as per the demand of the visitors.

3.2. These forms ask our visitors for some personal information; Such as- name, email, age and gender etc. The information collected through these forms is used only for answering questions, interacting with visitors and improving the user experience.

3.3. Under no circumstances will such information be provided or sold to any third party; Whether the party is an advertiser, a sponsor or anyone else; Except when a judicial summons is obtained. We can only provide statistical summaries to the advertiser in aggregate statistics format; Through which it is not possible to identify one of our visitors.

Under no circumstances will personal information ever be provided to any third party. Whether the party is an advertiser or a sponsor.
  1. External connection:

4.1. This website contains links to other websites. The website is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of all those websites.

  1. External service:

5.1 The website uses tracking and visitor-statistics analysis services provided by other websites such as Google Analytics. strives to choose the most secure and trusted services and maintains all the necessary rules and regulations to ensure the privacy of personal information when using external services.

. Data Security Guarantee:

6.1. The website places great emphasis on the security of the data or information stored with us, preventing them from being lost, misusing and distorting them. To ensure this, access to these data is strictly limited; Whether the data is in any storage or transfer time.

. Website Irregular Newsletter:

6.1. The website will occasionally email newsletters containing website information. You are acknowledging to receive such emails by using this service. You can unsubscribe from this service at any time by using the un-subscribe link inside the newsletters.

6.2. Websites do not send annoying advertising emails (Spam) to others. Because it annoys others and wastes their time.

. Privacy Policy Changes:

It should be noted that, if necessary, we will monitor the privacy policy and may make some changes. We will notify us of any such changes, email users and re-acknowledge our privacy policy.

  1. Deleting and modifying personal information:

9.1. If you want to delete your registered information you can email us at [email protected]

9.2. If you want to change your registered information, you can do so directly from your page.

  1. Contact Website:

10.1. Use the “Send Feedback” form to contact the website authorities.