The first scientist in the Muslim world


Hazrat Ali (R) was born in 600 AD in the Quraish dynasty of Makkah. He was the cousin of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Ali’s father was Abu Talib and his grandfather was Abdul Muttalib. He was the fourth caliph of Rashedar in Khulafa. Regarding his knowledge, the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself said, “I am the city of knowledge, and Ali is the gate of that city.” Hazrat Ali (R) was a scientist. But his identity remains unknown to us. He has a poem;

Divorce of Yuz al-Farar
Washshayan Ashbahul Barak
Ejasam jalat wa as kahat
Malak Tal Garar Washshara.
Meaning – ‘If mercury and avro can combine with something like electricity and lightning, then it can be the lord of the East and the West’.

Hazrat Ali (R) is referring to Mercury and Avro as a very flammable chemical reaction process like electricity or lightning. Abu Ali, like Hazrat Ali (R), considered mercury as essential in the preparation of Sina and gold and gave the method of preparation of gold by hardening it by accumulating very pure sulfur and mercury. When sulfur and mercury are hardened and purified by freezing, terrible fire like lightning or thunder. Not to mention the reactions are not very difficult to understand. Then there is not much difference between the doctrines of Hazrat Ali (R) and Ibn Sina (Muslim contribution to world civilization – Nurul Hassan Khandaker, p. 19). In fact, the scientific research of the Arab civilization from Hazrat Ali (ra). This first physicist in the history of Islam was martyred in 61 AD.

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