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Who perfected every one of His creations and initiated the creation of mankind from aquatic inorganic matter. (32: 7)

1400 years ago, people had no idea about the Qur’an describing the earth, the solar system, the universe and the beginning of creation. The Qur’an was revealed at a time when there was no physics, chemistry, astronomy, medicine. People thought the earth was the only world and the sky was the roof of the earth where the moon, sun, stars floated and at night the sun went down to rest under the earth (Greek heliocentrism,Sahih Muslim 1: 0296). However, the Qur’an, which was revealed in 610-632 AD, has revealed some scientific facts about 1400 years ago, which only recent science has been able to prove beyond doubt. If you want to do all the verses that are found in the Qur’an full of innumerable scientific information, you have to write a book. So I pointed out some amazing verses and what kind of scientific / historical / mathematical things were found in them. To know the details quranmiracles.com See.

Creation theory

  • God created everything from nothing – 2: 116.
  • Earth and space / atmosphere were once together and separated by a huge force – 21:30.
  • All life is made of water – 21:30.
  • The universe is constantly expanding – 51:46.
  • The universe has been created in six stages and the materials necessary for the creation of life have been created in four stages – 50:36, 41:10.
  • Every living thing is created through controlled evolution – 6:69, 15:26, 24:45, 32: 7, 61:14.
  • Human creation began with aqueous inorganic matter (mud) – 32: 7, 15:26.
  • There is life in space / atmosphere outside the earth – 42:29. Scientists discovered last year Even at very high altitudes in the clouds, there is a huge amount of tiny germs There is.

Space science

  • The sun rises in the east and sets in the west – 55:16, 60:40, 36: 5.
  • The earth rotates on its own axis – 26:8, 21:33, 36:40.
  • The Sun has its own axis, it rotates around the center of the galaxy – 36:40, 21:33.
  • The earth is not completely round, but flattened up and down like an egg – 69:30, 39: 5.
  • First everything in space was smoke, then under the influence of gravity it came together and gave birth to a planet like Earth – 41:11.
  • All the water on earth came from space, in moderation – 23:16. Water is thought to have come to the original earth through comets and meteors.
  • The shape and distance of the moon and the sun are well controlled – 55: 5. The sun is 400 times bigger than the moon and the moon is 400 times farther away from the earth. This is why a full solar eclipse occurs. If the sun were closer to it or if the moon were farther away from it, or if the moon was smaller or if the sun was bigger then there would be no full solar eclipse.
  • If the speed of expansion of space was not greater than the speed of light, then there would never be night because light would reach the earth from any star or galaxy at every point of the night sky and the night sky would be as bright as day – 3: 190.


  • Time is relative – 32: 5, 60: 4, 22:48.
  • Each object is made in pairs – matter and antimatter – 51:49.
  • All the iron in the earth came from outside the earth – 56:25. The only supernova explosion created iron in the universe, which descended to Earth through a meteor.
  • Where the stars are destroyed – Blackhole – 56:75.
  • Pulsar – which emits very intense porous gamma rays and knocks multiple times per second – 6: 1-3.
  • The 2006 Nobel Prize-winning physics discovery – not everything in the universe is spread out evenly, but spreads out in a certain way like a spider’s web – 51: 6.
  • The green leaves of the tree produce the oxygen needed to start a fire – 36:60.
  • Raindrops fall on the ground and ionize the soil particles, causing the particles to start vibrating due to “Brownian motion”. Then water and other organic matter are attracted to the ionized particles and accumulate and the soil particles swell – 22: 5.
  • Cloud water contains the materials needed to revive dead land – 50: 9, 25: 48-49. There is a 0.1 mm thick layer on the surface of the sea water which contains a large amount of organic waste material, which is made up of dead algae and plankton. These wastes absorb phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc, cobalt and lead. This layer, due to the surface tension of the water as it evaporates, travels with the water particles to the clouds and falls in large quantities with the rain, supplying the chemicals required for soil nutrition.


  • Clouds scatter through the air and rain clouds are formed by clouds accumulating on the clouds in the middle of the clouds – 24:43, 30:46.
  • Clouds are very heavy, a rain cloud weighs up to 300,000 tons – 13:12, 6:56.
  • Lack of oxygen causes difficulty breathing and chest tightness when climbing high in the sky – 6: 125.
  • The sky is like an armor for the earth which protects the earth from the harmful cosmic rays of space – 21:32, 2:22.
  • The sky reflects – water vapor from being lost in space and the earth from the sun’s harmful rays – 6:11.
  • There are separate waves under the sea, which are different from the waves above – 24:40.
  • Rainfall is well controlled – 43:11. The amount of rain that falls on the earth every year is 513 trillion tons and exactly the same amount of water evaporates into clouds every year. In this way the balance of water between earth and sky is maintained.
  • There is a difference in salinity between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and between them there is a salinity dam, due to which the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean does not mix with the less saline water of the Mediterranean Sea and two species of plants and animals can live in the two seas – 55: 19-20.


  • The wind pollinates the grain – 15:22.
  • Bees have multiple stomachs, worker bees are female, not male, honey has many medicinal properties – 17: 7-89.
  • After the animal’s food is digested, it travels through the blood to a special gland to make milk that we can eat – 17:8.
  • The female ant can communicate with other ants by making noises with an organ near its abdomen, which has recently been captured using human instruments – 26:17.
  • Plants have male and female sexes – 13: 3.
  • Wheat can be stored for a few years at room temperature, and no special measures are required to preserve it – 12:46.
  • Flower and fruit orchards in the highlands give good yields because water cannot accumulate in the highlands and the roots of the trees go much deeper in search of water, due to which the roots can collect more nutrients from the soil. However, the opposite is true for crops such as potatoes, wheat, etc., because they need small roots that take nutrients from the top layer of soil – 2: 265.
  • The tree contains green chlorophyll – 8:99.
  • The night is for rest, and the day is for work because sunlight during the day increases our blood circulation, blood sugar, the amount of oxygen in the cells, muscle strength, mental balance, metabolism – 28:63. [সুত্র]

Medical science

  • The sex of a human baby is determined from the semen of a man – 53: 45-47, 65:36.
  • The mother’s womb is a safe place for the baby. It protects against outside light and noise, injury, shaking, creates the right temperature for the baby, provides water, oxygen – 20:23, 12:14.
  • There is a perfect description of how the child grows step by step in the mother’s womb which was not found in any other medical book before the Qur’an – 23: 13-14. For example, at first the baby is like a piece of chewed meat, which hangs on the uterus, then first the bone is formed and then the muscle is formed on the bone, then it begins to get the characteristics of a human baby.
  • The human child first hears and then sees – 6: 2. First the ears, then the eyes.
  • Many years after the death of the human body, the fossils become as hard as stone and iron (pyrite) is formed – 49:51.
  • Human fingerprints are different for everyone – 65: 4.
  • People have been taught to use the first language and the only vowel that is essential for language has been given to man – 55: 3-4.

Geology / History

  • There is talk of a city called Iram with many tall stone pillars, which was first discovered underground in 1992 using the radar of the Challenger spacecraft – 69: 7.
  • The progress of human civilization has not been continuous, but there have been some nations before us who were better than us, who have perished – 40:62, 30: 9, 20: 128.
  • The Qur’an describes the natural disasters, famines, and epidemics that plagued Egypt during Pharaoh’s time. There were – 6: 130, 6: 133, 26: 57-59.

Mathematical information

  • There are exactly 365 times in the Qur’an ‘a day’ (yaum). One year = 365 days.
  • The moon (Kamar) has 28 times. The moon completes one cycle in 28 days.
  • There is ‘a month’ (sehar) 12 times. One year in 12 months.
  • ‘Land’ (Al-Ber) 12 times and ‘Sea’ (Al-Bahr) 32 times. 12/32 = 0.375. The total land area of ​​the earth is 135 million sq km and the sea is 360 million sq km. 135/360 = 0.375.
  • The world is 115 times and the Hereafter is exactly 115 times.
  • Satan and the angels have done it exactly 6 times.
  • Improvement (Naf) and corruption (Fasad) are exactly 50 times.
  • Ball (ku’l) and ‘they say’ (ka’lu) are done exactly 332 times.
  • There are many such synonyms and antonyms in the Qur’an. The one who created a book of six and a half thousand sentences with so many mathematical consistencies is undoubtedly a great mathematician who has given enough hints to make people pay attention to mathematics.

To know in detail how the day, month, land and water ratio etc. have been calculated Click here

Note: The conventional Bengali translations use all the Bengali words which, when read, will not make you think that there is any scientific information in the verses. For example, in the case of bees and ants, most translators have not noticed that God has used the female sex. Again, as Allah created “everything” (not “everyone”) in pairs, not living things, but inanimate matter (matter – anti-matter), they did not notice. Man was created from “mud” where mud is water-soaked soil and the original soil was a mixture of inorganic matter, hence mud = water-inorganic matter. The Bengali translators did not notice the nuances of the fact that the meanings of certain Arabic words which seemed irrelevant to them, were in fact correct, no matter how unrealistic they may seem to their limited scientific knowledge. I would therefore urge readers to read the recent English translations, which contain the correct translations of the above verses.

Another important point is that the language of the Qur’an is not the language of any scientific research paper, it is not a scientific research paper. Allah has revealed the scientific facts in the Qur’an in terms of the way people see, hear and feel. So those who go to verify the descriptions of the Qur’an on the basis of scientific language, they will be wrong. Allah has used words in the Qur’an which are understood by people who have no idea about science 1400 years ago and at the same time twentieth century scientists cannot claim that those words are wrong or inappropriate.

Surely in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, there are signs for men of understanding. (3: 190)

– Omar al-Jabir

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